Andrey Fursov – The Historian Who Predicted The Nice Attack In July 2016

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Andrey Fursov is one of the top Russian historians and a very knowledgeable expert in global affairs. On June 1st 2016 he predicted that there won’t be a terror attack in France during the European Football Championship (June10-July10) but right after it. And that’s exactly what happened. On July 14th 2016 happened the Nice Attack in southern France, resulting in the death of 86 people and over 400 injured.

Watch the translated moment of his lecture where he describes what will happen in France, and then what can the world expect further:

Full text translation of the Fursov’s comments:

It’s true, there are labor strikes in France. But… I regularly read Sport Express (Sports News). That’s how I begin my day usually. All these talks about possible terrorist attacks. In Marseille and so on. You know, usually these things are done for one reason.
All the attention now will be on France and they can stage an attack in some other country. OR… They will be talking.. France, France. And during the Championship (EURO2016) nothing will happen.
Then they will loosen up and in a week they will hit exactly France.
So when they say that someone is preparing to attack, it is usually to distract, to hide something else. In reality they might hit another place, or hit that place but a bit later.

Q: “- Is there a terrorism threat in other megalopolises like in France?”
We cannot rule out this.
Unfortunately, in today’s world, terror will increase more and more. And it will be something used for “solving problems”.
Look, from 2015 to 2016, the first 6 months are all about terror. That’s why we must not rule it out. And I’m always amazed when our securities in the subway stop people from the Caucasus or from the Middle Asia. And I’m sure that if someone is preparing a serious terror attack here, it can be done by people with slavic looks. And not others. Regarding this, we are already living in a situation with a high level of uncertainty. And the uncertainty will increase more and more.

So for the elderly people who have grown up mostly in Soviet times, like some of my relatives. They ask, “When is all this going to end, so a normal living begins?” By “normal living” they mean the state of peace in the Soviet times. But normal living won’t begin.

The thing is that the period between 1945 and 1985, not just here but in the world as well, it is a very rare period in history. You can only compare it with the period between the 2nd and the 3rd centuries. In the times of the 5 Roman emperors from Nerva to Marcus Aurelius. When it was relatively quite period. Or maybe also in Europe from 1815 to 1870. But other than those 2 periods, I can’t find any that compares to 1945-1985. A new different era is coming. And this period 1945-1985 was an exception. Definitely.
Different times are coming. We have to adapt to it and learn to live in the new conditions.

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