Andrey Fursov On The Diplomatic War Between Russia and Britain

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This is a translated article of the Russian expert and historian Andrey Fursov that appeared in the newspaper “Zavtra”. In it Fursov comments on the ongoing diplomatic war between Russian and Britain that was driven by the Sergei Skripal case. Link to the article in Russian:

“The limit of the intellectual abilities of Theresa May is Sudoku”

Andrey Fursov:

I do not think that the current scandal is directly related to the presidential elections in Russia, no matter how limited of an individual Theresa May is. And she is really extremely limited. In a book published last year in the UK about her transformation into a prime minister, it is noted that the limit of her intellectual abilities is Sudoku. In addition, there (in the book) it is very clearly stated one important and distinctive feature of her – emotional dullness. May’s position is very shaky, she needs to draw some attention to herself. Both in the UK, where she does not enjoy a lot of respect, and in the world, because, against Macron and Trump she certainly loses.

But the problem, of course, is not only with her. her actions coincide with the interests of that part of the British establishment which supports the sharp aggravation of relations with Russia. This is pressure – we will bend over or not. If we consider that we have bent over with the Olympics, then in the West they feel that it will happen again.

I must say that there are enough things that I do not like. So, I read that our Foreign Ministry has begun to develop a response. Yes, but these measures should have been ready for a long time! And on the same day, when they announced the expulsion of our 23 diplomats, it was necessary to send an announcement about the deportation of 46 British diplomats! Well, let it be also 23, but it was necessary to do it instantly. Sluggishness, work in a slow mode does not do honor to our Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You need to do everything much faster.

We are in a state of hybrid war, we must be ready for any turns, all moves and forms of answers must be worked out, and then just choose. It’s like a theory of debuts. But for some reason, for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the theory of debuts is very unimportant.

I do not share the fears that our response can lead to real hostilities. What can Britain do against the nuclear power Russia? In addition, I’m not sure that the Americans or the French will support London. The maximum is an economic war, which is already going on anyway.

But if we do not react adequately once again, Britain will only increase the pressure. The Anglo-Saxon manner of work is very simple – crush the while they do not resist. Therefore, it is necessary for us to demonstrate readiness for very stringent measures. Expulsion of diplomats is a completely traditional exchange of blows.

In addition, all of these attacks by London signal our “fifth column” – they say “come on guys, move”. For example, Sobchak has already reacted, announcing that she considers the actions of the British to be correct. We must realize that any pressure on Russia – among other things, leads to the activation of the fifth column. And that’s why our reaction should be absolutely clear. By and large, Sobchak for all of her speeches, for talking about the Crimea – we have a law on encroachment on the integrity of the state, long ago it was necessary to withdraw her from the elections. The state always has a lot of opportunities to stop such activity. For example, to cut off financial flows and create an information vacuum. So, if the state wants it, then it undoubtedly can. It’s another question if it does not want.

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