Exclusive Report From The Liberated Palmyra – Russian TV

Evgeny Poddubnyy Palmyra report

Watch this exclusive report aired on the Russian Tv “Rossya 1” (Russia 1) from the liberated city of Palmyra in Syria. It’s made by one of the top Russian war correspondents Evgeny Poddubnyy who’s been reporting from Syria for more than year now.
His reports are professional and very up to day so they are worth seeing.

As you know the city of Palmyra was first liberated from ISIS in March 2016 but later last year it was retaken by the terrorist organization due to the lack of Syrian army forces in the area.
Now the city has been liberated again with the help of the Russia Aerospace forces and the SSO Special Forces.

Hopefully, a third liberation won’t be needed and there will be relative peace in that historic area from now on.

Here is the exclusive Russia TV report with English captions:

Video source: Russia Insider’s YouTube Channel.

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