What Happened With The Russian U.N. Representative Vitaly Churkin?

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Yesterday February 20th 2017 Russia’s U.N. envoy Vitaly Churkin died suddenly in New York from heart attack. The death of such high level diplomat brings a lot of versions and commentaries. That’s why we have translated a material written by the Russian writer and blogger Pavel Kotelnikov with an initial reaction on what happened with the Russian representative in the United Nations.

What Happened With Vitaly Churkin?

“For whose benefit?” (Roman consul Lucius Cassius Longinus Ravilla)

The news today announced the death of Vitaly Churkin. Vitaly Ivanovich refers to a small number of people who are respected not only by colleagues and compatriots, but also by enemies. The authority of this diplomat on the international scene is unchallenged for many years. His death was a shock for, judging by the statements, all people who communicated with him and knew him without exception.

I can only say that I’ve been always marveled by the composure, the erudition and the clarity, which Vitaly Ivanovich showed in his speeches at the UN Security Council. After the speeches of different opponents, who year after year reverse the reality upside down, with the audacity with which they do it, and you think how you can answer to such nonsense masquerading as reality to those people who seem to have never heard of concepts such as conscience, facts and common sense, he repeatedly took the floor and found a clear and perfectly lined up words that bring down to Earth our “partners”.

Such experts of international diplomacy as Vitaly Churkin, have always been an unique phenomenon. Without a doubt, our country and our diplomacy has suffered a great loss.

Today, several subscribers already approached me with the question, “what happened to Churkin?”, and I understand and share the feelings of people, so I have to write about my view on what is happening.

Diplomacy is a matter about which not much is known not only in real time, but even after decades and centuries. And many secrets go into oblivion, and never become public.

The point here is that the complex system of international relations, which has always and at all times been based exclusively on the balance of forces and counter balances (do not feed any illusions here about “humanity” in a different form, in this area there is not), absolutely any information is a trade asset, and often the parties come to some agreements to non-disclose certain information for a certain compensation. Therefore, will we learn someday the truth about the death of Vitaly Churkin is a big question.

Nevertheless, no one stops us to understand what is happening and understand what is happening with our level of knowledge of processes and from the position of the information that is public.

As always in such cases, the first thing to ask is the famous question: “Who benefits?”. Whatever the cause of death is – just to understand whose interests it works for. Often the answer to this question already gives much food for thought. People who study the global rule, know that the ruling of the world has a number of levels. Within each country, this state internal control (internal policies). The relationships between countries is an external control (international politics). Regarding the role of the world’s countries as a whole there is a global governance (global policy).

For the last years Churkin was the head of the Russian delegation at the UN, and the UN, in turn, is one of the organs of the global policy, as its task is to regulate international relations as a whole, rather than any specific relationships between particular countries. Global governance is sufficient multi-level structure, and the United Nations is only one of the elements of this system. There are levels that are higher. A noteworthy proof in this regard (for those who believe global governance is a conspiracy fiction) gave one of the participants of the Valdai Forum in 2016, Thabo Mbeki. Such phrases as uttered by Thabo Mbeki, can not be attributed neither to ignorance (he was president of his country, not the last in the world), nor on the problems of translation, or a technical error (he did not think about correcting himself, because knew what he was talking about).

In terms of global governance, the overall situation on the planet is not quite simple now (to put it mildly), and such unique professionals as Churkin, are essential. Global governance does not benefit from this loss in any way. Not to mention Russia. All countries interested in stabilizing the situation and relieving the tension fall into the same list. From Churkin death benefit only those forces that are interested in destabilizing the situation in the world in order to catch a “goldfish” in the muddy water. These countries are, in fact, exactly one – the United States. There are no other beneficiaries here. A little apart is the UK, but the UK as a whole is inscribed in the adjustment of processes of the global governance. Therefore, with a high degree of probability we can say that the circle of beneficiaries is narrowed to a single country. The same one that recently puts huge efforts in order to maintain its dominance in the world, despite all the risks, including the general global catastrophe. The one who under the guise of “democracy” has destroyed more than one country in the world, including Ukraine. The one that in July 2014 nearly provoked a third world war, when with the help of the Ukrainian Nazis destroyed the Malaysian “Boeing” over the territory of South-East of Ukraine. The one that almost collided the world with World War III a few more times after that.
So, the question “Who benefits?” has a clear and unambiguous answer.

The second question to ask yourself is what is the likelihood of the substantially simultaneous (by international standards) death of several Russian diplomats? Two of them were shot dead (including the Russian ambassador to Turkey), the others “died unexpectedly”. Employees of intelligence services know that even “two events are not accidental”, and now several (six or seven – depending on how you count – over the past two to three months). It is quite an incredible “coincidence”. Or if we call a spade a spade, the event that’s taking place “by itself” (without forceful intervention) is practically impossible.
In other words, there is too much death to take it as a coincidence. A much more likely cause is their common organization from one central location. Since the center in the case of the murder of Ambassador to Turkey is there (it’s the United States), the conclusion suggests itself relations to other cases in which, once again, there is too much to be considered “just a coincidence”. Especially because all the people who know a little history know that the theme of “sudden death” of significant figures in the history is very rich, and the majority of these cases have already been found to be violent death, caused usually by poisoning in a different forms.
I’m not a doctor, and I can not judge about the health of Churkin by the photographs. But as a mathematician I have to note that the chance of sudden death in these circumstances has a negligible probability.

The third point is related to the specific circumstances in which it occurred. Recent events suggest the following:
Sergey Lavrov made a pretty significant (important) speech in Munich, during which he said some very serious things, especially for those who had been masters of the “old world order” (the United States).
The Chairman of the UN Security Council in February 2017 is … Ukraine. About which Churkin said bluntly that they came to chair the UN Security Council, as being at war. I’m not saying anything, but Ukraine is now at real war. Ukraine, for which the whole world knows today, has hit the passenger “Boeing” in 2014 over the Donbas. That Ukraine has recently put an ultimatum to DNR and LNR. They openly threatened to go and murder the leaders of these republics. And all of this Ukraine does under the dictate of Washington. At the same time Russia is actually the only country that really stands firmly behind the need for implementation of the “Minsk agreements” (Minsk-2), which Washington and Kiev as their satellites are so eager to thwart.

Recently, information was made public about the fact that Russia and the Administration of the new President of the United States Trump started negotiations on the abolition of the sanctions imposed by Washington some time ago, which were adopted and “pushed through” in the European Union by the same Washington in violation of all norms of international law. Russia, in turn, said that the disclosure of this information indicates the interception of the persons who led the negotiations. That means that there are powers in Washington (the national “elite”) who are trying to oppose elected US president in his actions, and that’s why they spy on his subordinates. Strictly speaking, these are the forces that want to keep the old world order, which Lavrov bluntly called “the era of fakes” (or what is the same, “the era of lies”), and which stood on the US presidential election for Hillary Clinton.

Thus, all the circumstances of the situation point in the same direction. This is not a direct accusation. But this means that no one else was interested in Churkin’s death, and something else is very unlikely (almost impossible).

We remember that the murder of the Russian ambassador in Turkey was presented by some (crudely and clumsily, which immediately issued a fake) as an issue of global governance action, making reference to the connection of this event with the number 11. Here it can be seen the same handwriting – Churkin’s death came on the eve of the 65th anniversary (6 plus 5 equals 11). But this is exactly the same crude forgery, and, as I noted above, global governance does not benefit form Churkin’s death, such personnel in today’s global environment weight in gold. But an attempt to embroil Russia with the new US administration (as well as after the assassination in Turkey was an attempt to embroil Russia and Turkey) – this is quite a real motive for murder.

Today there is nothing to add from the open sources of information. Draw your own conclusions, dear readers. In my opinion adding something to complement the above may be even unnecessarily.

Original article source: cont.ws

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