How Good Was The Soviet Education? – Yakov Kedmi

level of soviet education- yakov kedmi

How good was the Soviet education?

Here is a hint:

The former head of the Israeli intelligence agency “Nativ” Yakov Kedmi revealed how the high level of the Soviet education is the main reason why his country Israel has managed to build science-intensive industries which production successfully competes with the producers from the US and Europe.

He explained this in the Russian political TV show “Evening with Solovyov” which aired on July 3rd 2018.

You can watch the short segment of the show with English subtitles below:

Read the full English translation of the video below:

I will give you this example…

Our country (Israel) is known worldwide for its furious development of science-intensive industries.
The level of which do not recede the Americans or the top Europeans. Or they are even better.

All this happened in the 90s.

Only because former Soviet citizens came. And they built that industry.

What does that mean?
It means that this country had the best education and the best professional education in the world.

So one of your national goals is to bring back what you’ve had first.

So that compared to the whole world your education, both in school and higher, is on the same level it was back then.

In the times of this “hated Soviet authority” that you berate.

That turned this country from an illiterate Russia to having Russian specialists who grew up in the country no matter of their nationality who had the best basic and higher education in the world.

Get that back and then you can add more. But you should not lose what you had.

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  1. This man is impressive, anything hecares to say is worth hearing. I’ve seen him in Russia’s 60 minutes several times. Thereis no doubt, this man knows his subject. He has honor.

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