How Russia Can Counter The West In The Middle East – Semyon Bagdasarov

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The top Russian expert on the Middle East and Central Asia Semyon Bagdasarov recently explained in the Russian TV program “Evening with Solovyov” how Russia can counter the West in the Middle East.

Bagdasarov is know to be very tough and strong in his opinions while having very detailed knowledge of what is going on on the ground in those regions.

He believes that it’s already time for Russia to counter attack the United States influence in many of the countries in the Middle East and also in Afghanistan.

You can watch the fragment of the TV show where he talks about it with English subtitles below:

Read the full English translation of the video below:

Now, to the point. We often underestimate the West.

We say they are falling apart. The US hegemony is ending. No, we must not underestimate the enemy.

You can say you’ve defeated the enemy when your foot is on his throat and you’ve strangled him.

This is still so far away.

Karen Shahnazarov:
Why are you looking at me?

Bagdasarov: Why? I cannot look at you?

Solovyov: Looking at a good man!

Bagdasarov: At a good man with the name Karen!

Good respectable name.

Karen: He threatened me with this “to step on a throat”. (laughing)

I don’t understand how did you see a threat with these glasses. Don’t interrupt me.

So… We must not underestimate them. They impose us all sorts of strange things. Salisbury. Then the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria.

And we make excuses. We go in defense. We say “It’s not us”. And tomorrow they will come up with something else.

Listen, it’s time to counter attack.
In the information area. In reality we do nothing.

We should accuse the United States of:
Killing 1.5 million Iraqis.
The destruction of the country.
The destruction of the enormous cultural layer.
The death of entire ethnic groups.
The annihilation of the Christians there because of them. And we are Christians here, too.

We don’t do any of that.

Maybe we should start to act.

You say Libya. Libya is a country where a lot of people are ours, they have studied here.
2 governments. In Tobruk. Unfortunately Haftar got ill now. But there is also in Tripoli.
Amazingly, in Tripoli they are positive to us, too.
They say “Be friends with us as well, we control an oil terminal where the oil in Libya is more than in Qaddafi times”.

Why aren’t we cooperating with everyone?
The president of Egypt el-Sisi may be offended. But we will work with Tobruk and Tripoli

After all, why are we not doing this?

We say, oh there are Iran and the US.

When the Soviet Union had an influence in Iraq, and we are the successor of the Soviet Union, the Iraqis couldn’t care less about the Iranians. About the Americans they were like “who do you think you are?”. And they were friends with us.

Hundreds of thousands of officers of the Iraqi army and other structure have studied here in different academies, military schools.
I know personally many of them.
They were expelled at first from Iraq but then many have returned and they have adapted.
Are we working with them?

Do we want to raise our influence there?
Iraq is more interesting country than Syria.
Are we working there? Why are we not working there?

Yes, some of our oil companies work there.
Good. But what about the political aspect?

We supply them with weapons.

T-90. The best tank in the world. Unlike the Abram from your favorite America. Pfuu!
Some Chinese red Strela (arrow, anti-tank weapon) from the 70s destroyed that overpraised clunker.

They (Iraq) want to buy from us more weapons for their aviation. Also S-400. The Americans are pressuring them though, just like with other countries.

Let’s press out the Americans from there.
We can press out the Iranians also.

Iraq is not that far away from us.
From the Armenia-Turkey border that our border-guards control to Iraq there are 320 km.
What are 320 km? Nothing. You can take them walking. Me and Karen can do it.

And at the end, we raised the question today. They’ve imposed it on us that the Taliban is a terrorist organization. You know, because of the twin towers.
My question is, how many of our people have died from the hands of the Taliban after the withdraw of the Soviet army from Afghanistan?
And how many have been killed by Ahmad Shah Masud? With whom we worked with after that.

I have a photo, there are photos in the archives, of Qazi Kabir, the commander of the 55th division of Ahmad Shah. He was killing our military service man.
But there came a time when we cooperated with Ahmad Shah. And what have the Taliban done to us?

Only many times we’ve said that we don’t want to interfere.
Invite their delegation here. For the sake of the peace in Afghanistan.

Finally today I’ve heard another good news. Volga-Dnepr the airline that I’ve criticized while I was an MP for helping the Americans to carry cargo to Afghanistan.

Finally they have refused to work with NATO countries to carry cargo to Syria. Well, thank you, Lord! After almost 10 years they did something!

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