Israeli Expert Yakov Kedmi On US And Syria: Trump Is A Weak President

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One of the top experts and former head of the Israeli intelligence service ‘Nativ’ Yakov Kedmi was on the Russian TV show “Evening with Solovyov” to discuss the situation in Syria, the alleged chemical gas attack and Trump’s response with the attack against the Syrian military airfield.

Kedmi made 3 very strong point on the show. According to him:
The chemical attack in Idlib was staged and it was used as an excuse for the cruise missiles attack.
Trump is a weak president.
The US attack against the Syrian airfield was ineffective.

Watch the entire part with Yakov Kedmi here: (With English captions)

Full translated transcript of the video:

Vladimir Soloviev:
Let’s speak with Yakov Kedmi who is joining us from Israel
Yakov, who are these extraordinary people who are holding sarin with bare hands, pointing light to the eyes and screaming “Sarin, sarin, sarin!”?
What happened in reality there, in Idlib?

Yakov Kedmi:
It is clear that there was no sarin gas.
First, everyone was talking about some yellow smoke.
The sarin gas has no color and no smell.
Second, a person who gets exposed to a gram of sarin can live about a minute long.
And it doesn’t matter which part of the body was exposed to it.
It is one of the strongest nerve agents and nothing indicates that such gas was used.

Also, we haven’t seen any part of any bomb that allegedly carried the gas.
And they were not investigated because the gas bombs do not tear into small pieces.
They just release gas. They don’t explode practically.
That’s why these bombs remain and can be identified.

Third, no one has shown us that the people who were sent to Turkey for medical help had the symptoms of being exposed to such gas.
No one has shown the analysis of what’s inside their bodies. And it’s something easy and necessary to be done in the first minutes.
When they take care of injured people they try to find out the type of gas that they are dealing with.

So there were more likely some explosive materials from some chemical weapon, some components.
So a explosion has released some gas and hit some people.

So, the whole theater that was prepared in advance… It was done so that there was a visible reason to take certain action.
I don’t know if these scenes were planned with the agreement of the US president or without.
Such version is possible.

The situation in the world is interesting. CNN and the other companies who thought they were dictating the agenda have suddenly turned into losers.
They wanted Clinton to be president. It didn’t happen. They wanted attack against Syria several times. There wasn’t.
Now, this time they’ve had more success. But their success came because Trump decided to change his policy.

We must understand. Trump is a weak president.
He is weak because he doesn’t have enough political power.
He came into the White House very hostile, he was hostile to the administration.
And that’s why, like a weak president, he decided to use this moment to consolidate his prestige.
And now no one can tell him that he is limp or that he is working for Russia.
So this way he consolidated his power and his authority.

There are similar examples in American politics.
The weakest American president who accidentally came to power was Truman.
Just a few month after coming to power, not just to threaten the Soviet union, but also to improve his prestige, he did Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Kennedy was a weak president in the beginning.
Because the whole administration had been against him.
Because he was weak he agreed to the “adventure” called the Bay of pigs invasion. And how did it end?
Then he was pushed really hard to issue nuclear strikes on areas of the Soviet Union.
The Pentagon pushed him really hard.
Because of his failure in the Bay of pigs he understood that they are not always right in their promises, and he didn’t do it. But he was pressured to do it.

So this is the nature of the American democracy. The weak president seeks a successful foreign operation to improve his prestige. That’s what Trump did.
And if we look more precisely, there was a statement that this was a one time operation.

And from a military planning standpoint it was not successful and purposeless.
So they had to show that they were doing something.
So I don’t think that the United States are ready to change their policy in Syria.
It’s another issue what conclusions will be made in Russia.
And about the conclusions and about the US. The thing that the US general has said… That Russia understands only force… You don’t have to be a psychologist to know that the US understand only force.

Vladimir Soloviev:
Yakov, you think Russia must give a strong answer? What kind of answer?

Yakov Kedmi:
No, no. I don’t think Russia needs to answer strong.
Russia must re-organize so to make it clear that such actions won’t be committed again.
They don’t have to answer. They don’t have to scream. Weak people scream. Scream out of fear. Strong people don’t scream, they are doing their thing.

And last thing I wanted to say. The Tomahawks attack showed that the main thing that can counter it is the fleet.
And the focus that the Russian army puts on it’s fleet is justified. To neutralize such attacks.

Today the attack was against the Sharyat base in Syria.
Tomorrow they are preparing such attack, it’s principally prepared, but with more missiles. Up to 5000.
Against facilities in Russia. And only the fleet can stop them.

The quantity and the quality of the air defense systems in Syria is enough to protect the Khmeimin base.
To protect the whole Syria, something else is needed.
And more of the fleet.
If Russia does that it will become clear that nobody will fly over Syria and such event won’t repeat again. Without screams and hysteria.

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