All You Need To Know About Poland And Its Role In World War 2 – Yakov Kedmi

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The Israeli expert Yakov Kedmi tells all you need to know about Poland and its role in World War 2 in his recent appearance in the Russian TV program “Evening with Soloviev”.

In a very short time he completely destroys some of the myths out there about “the innocent Poles” and “the bad Soviets”. He particularly takes on the false accusations that the Soviet Union has started a war against Poland in 1939 together with Nazi Germany.

Kedmi also compares the behaviors of the Polish government back then during and after the second world war with what their today’s administration do and why.

To find out which country really betrayed Poland in WW2 watch the video with Yakov Kedmi’s comments below (with English subtitles):

Read the full English transcript of the video:

Vladimir Soloviev: Yakov, I’m even worried.

Yakov Kedmi: Everything is fine.

I don’t agree with the thesis that there is not a historical truth. There are clear facts and documents. You can try to distort them but the facts are speaking.
Poland was negotiating with Germany an attack against the Soviet Union in 1939.
Poland demanded Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, access to the Black Sea.

The Germans agreed but they wanted Danzig (today’s Gdansk) and access to Danzig.
The Poles thought that they were not obligated to give anything. Only their participation.
Then the negotiations failed and the Germans said “Ok, we will attack Poland”.

When Germany, The Wehrmacht, was preparing the plans to attack Poland, from the beginning of 1939 to the summer and autumn, there was no mentioning of participation of the Red Army.
The Germans planned to crush the Polish army in 2 weeks and win.

Poland prepared a plan for that war and it was very logical.
Based on the statements given by the Great Britain and France, Poland counted on the French army joining the war from day 1.
Because the German army would’ve been busy on the Western front, Poland could mobilize their reserves in 2 weeks and victoriously enter Berlin.
Poland was betrayed by the French.
These were the plans of the Polish army, to enter Berlin after the French had drawn the Germans to the Western borders.

And the French are French. They betrayed Poland. The didn’t enter military actions.
Not only this but 12 days later the French military cabinet decided that there is no point for them participate since there was no Poland already.
So those who betrayed Poland were the French.

Who allowed the Germans there? The French, because they didn’t keep their promise.
They had said they were going to take military actions from day 1.
The French and the British aviation had promised to participate from day 1. And nothing happened till May 1940.

And when the Red Army entered Poland, there was no Polish government anymore.
And there was no general command.
There was no Poland. Their government officials were in Romania.
What was the command given to the Polish army? “Do not confront the Red Army!”
So they’ve accepted them.

In the Nuremberg trials they’ve decided to condemn as aggression the German attack against Poland with no mentioning of the Soviet Union.
So everybody who talks about this blatantly lies.
This is not in the documents. This is not in the international document.
Nobody in Nuremberg condemned anyone but Germany for the beginning of the war.

And as a result of these actions the Soviet Union got what they should’ve gotten according to the Treaty of Versailles.
Poland broke the Treaty of Versailles. They took those lands. And that’s why the whole world recognized the inclusion of Western Belarus and Ukraine to Russia.
To the USSR. Because it was in the Treaty of Versailles.

Q: The USSR was part of the Treaty of Versailles?

This doesn’t matter. The lands did not belong to Poland.
Same with Vilnius.

Soloviev: The USSR was considered as assignee. If you remember the USSR had to pay back the Russian Empire’s debt. That’s why for the West it wasn’t a problem.

Yakov Kedmi: 2 things… When Churchill met the Polish leaders in 1945 in Moscow after Yalta, he said, I don’t quote exactly but it was like this:
“Those abnormal psychos, they live in their fantasies, you can’t speak with them, they don’t understand the world they live in!”
Maybe he’s spoken about today’s Poland. It’s the same.

And last thing… They get support for what they speak in Poland. It’s not just their natural arrogance.

Not long ago the American president who’s decided to break all record for illiteracy and ignorance in history was in Poland.
He visited the memorial of Armia Krajowa (The Home Army). An antisemitic army. There were no Jews there.
There were Jews in the Armia Ludowa and in the Polish army.
There were no Jews alive in Armia Krajowa. They were antisemitic from the beginning.
He honored their memories. And what did he say? He said that he honored the memories of the Poles who liberated Poland from the Germans.

So one Polish scientist who…

Soloviev: Trump
Yakov: Trump

So one Polish scientist. A Polish man who lives in America and he’s not Putin’s agent, he said that during World War 2, the Poles, not the Nazis, the Poles killed more Jews than Germans.

Those people were blessed by the American president.
That’s why today the Poles have the impudence to talk that the Soviet Union started war against them.

Soloviev: Strong

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