Did North Korea Really Tested A Hydrogen Bomb? – Valeriy Pyakin

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Did North Korea really tested a hydrogen bomb recently or the story in the news is all hoax? The conceptual Russian expert on global politics Valeriy Pyakin explains the situation.

In his weekly program “Question-Answer” from September 5th 2017 he talks about North Korea once again. This time commenting on the DPRK’s missile launch over Japan and the alleged hydrogen bomb test that happened 2 weeks ago.

Earlier we have published another analysis of the situation in the Korean peninsula by Pyakin with a title The Truth About The Possible War Against North Korea. We highly recommend you to take a look at it.

In his most recent comments he weights in more on the issue and the mechanics of all that’s happening. It’s hard to find an analyst these days who does not fall in the war hysteria trap, yet Valeriy Pyakin is one of the very few who see things beyond the mainstream headlines and their own noses.

Watch Pyakin’s comments on what’s going on around North Korea with English subtitles below:

Read the full English translation of the video below:

You have already explained the situation around DPRK but still there are questions coming.
Particularly, we get question in the last for 4 days about 2 events that have happened recently.
DPRK (North Korea) have launched a rocket over Japan. And DPRK announced that they’ve created a hydrogen warhead. How would you comment on these events?

Hm, an interesting event, DPRK launched a missile.

For the first time it flew over Japan. Fell in the Pacific Ocean. And this happened when it was announced that DPRK had received Ukrainian rocket engines.

Earlier their rockets flew upwards and fell this way not far away. So calculations could have shown where they were going to go and fall.
And now they’ve launched it over Japan.

So here we have some interesting moments.

The first moment… The missile flew at an altitude of 550km. And Japan have said that it wasn’t a threat for them and that’s why they didn’t shoot it down.
And in this regard it comes up the question to them: “Do you have a pistol?”
Right, they just didn’t shoot it down.

550km is already the space.
As an example the ISS (International Space Station) flies at about 400-415km, up to 417km. And that’s just because of our rockets that lifted it up there.
When they were using space shuttles the maximum altitude was at about 380km I think. It was between 330-380km with their engines and space shuttles. Because the shuttle cannot fly higher.

So, it’s well known that Russia can shoot down objects in the space. This is not argued by anyone. We can shoot any satellite that we don’t like and make it into pieces in space.
There is also such information, which is not proven, it’s more noise, but still, that the US can also do this. They fly with our rocket engines in space.
The Chinese have done some unclear exercises. They’ve allegedly shot down 2 satellites. And again we don’t have reliable confirmation. But as gentlemen we believe their words.

So ok, there are 3 countries in the world that can shoot an object in the space. This is 550km flying over Japan.
And antimissile defense (BMD) that can take out such rocket are available only in Russia.
So to say that someone took a pity on another one it’s incorrect.

So they’ve played a spectacle in front of our eyes so that it gets a wide public response.
North Korea was told to not do anything, but they do it anyway. And suddenly they also test a thermonuclear bomb.

And when the first announcements appeared in the media it turned out that the North Koreans are the supreme miners of the world.
The deepest mine in the world is in South Africa and it’s 5km deep. 5000 meters.
The deepest borehole in the world is here in Russia at 12000 meters. But this is a borehole.
And these (Koreans) managed to dig a mine at 10 000 meters. 10km.

So, they’ve made explosions there. There were 2 thrusts. And then different opinions were spread.

At first, there was data from objective monitoring at 10km depth.
The the United States said that it was an explosion on the ground.
Then Japan said: “Oh no, the explosion was 1km deep.”
So everyone diligently forgot about the 10km.

But why did they even mention the 10km at first?
Because the seismologist affirm that there were no explosions. There was an earthquake.
And the epicenter of the earthquake was 10km deep. And there were 2 thrusts.

Because a collapse of cavity during a bomb explosion doesn’t create such thrust. It’s way weaker than the 2nd thrust in an earthquake.

And what was the reaction? First, the world media announced that the Koreans tested a hydrogen bomb. And then the Koreans said: “Yes, we tested it.”

So it’s a reverse reaction.

It wasn’t the North Koreans who have announced what they have done and then the media took it from there. It was the opposite.

So what happened?

There was a thrust. An earthquake.

And it’s in their plans to enhance the image of North Korea… That it defend itself, confronts the US, it has a hydrogen bomb.
So they announce it was a test, they call the leaders of North Korea. The Koreans confirm. And everything is normal. They show photos of Kim Jong-un observes the explosion and the nose of the rocket that’s capable of reaching the US territory.

So, in fact, what is all this needed for?

It’s to make noise.

And what is going on?

They link North Korea to China.

China must do this, China must do that. China makes some big statements.
And the world society suddenly speaks what our leader (Putin) rightfully said that there is not a military solution there. Only diplomacy.

That’s what the Global Predictor wants as well.

What do they need to do?
They want the international society to reach an agreement on the issue and pressure the US.
The United States begin to care about their well-being and their safety.
North Korea receives resources. And in exchange they warmonger less.

And who becomes the guarantor for this? China.
China receives additional preferences and the whole world agrees. They agree China to take control over certain global processes.
Because they help in the elimination of this North Korean threat.

It’s a spectacle. That’s what’s going on.

Q: More precisely, it’s continuing.

Yes, it’s continuing.

Nothing unexpected happens there.
Everything repeats like a broken record.

They just increase the flight range of the missile, the power of the explosion and so on.

So that’s it.

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