Obama Deserves His Nobel Peace Prize, Rex Tillerson Represents The Global Elites – Valeriy Pyakin

Valeriy Pyakin

Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize that he has and the new Secretary of State Rex Tillerson represents the Global elites. This is what the top Russian analyst Valeriy Pyakin said on December 19th 2016 in his weekly “Question-Answer” program where he comments on global political events.

Pyakin is know for his accurate analyses and correct predictions.

In this short segment he talks about Michelle Obama’s coments about “the end of hopes for America” in the upcoming presidency of Donald Trump. He also explains why Barack Obama deserves his Nobel Peace Prize and why Rex Tillerson was picked to be a Secretary of State in the Trump’s administration.

Watch the video with Pyakin’s thoughts: (English captions available)

Full translated transcript of the video:

Valeriy Viktorovich, please comment on the Michelle Obama’s claim that Trump is the “end of hope” for America.

Well, all the media presents her comments as if she meant that all the positive changes for the US during Obama’s presidency are now over and can not be continued.

The one man who described in the best way what Obama did to the US was McCain, who said:
During Obama’s rule the United States lost their status of a super power country.
And he gave a bunch of examples. And he is correct.

That’s why Barack Obama, who received a Nobel Peace Prize, deserves his award. He has fulfilled his duty.
He managed to bring the main threat for peace and stability on the planet (the United States) on a course of smooth reformation.

But in fact, Michelle Obama said something else.
And our media tried to ignore it.

She said that there are no hopes that Trump won’t be a president. And such hopes can’t be.
Trump will be a president.

That’s what she was talking about.

So, please comment on the appointment of Rex Tillerson as the next US Secretary of State.

When I was talking about the recounting of the votes and the 3 main goals of it. There was also a 4th goal.
It’s to free Trump from the influence of those establishment representatives of the “national elite” who may think that using their status and influence they can get a high position in Trump’s administration. Or get some benefits for themselves and continue the course of “America – super power” and so on.

And Trump’s mission is different. He has to reformat the United States. As smoothly as possible.
Not like right now when many are talking about how to stop eventual civil war

When I was saying that the US was on the verge of a civil war, everyone was laughing.
And now when the US are pulling their own hairs saying that they are sitting on a cliff and seek solutions.
All the analysts now are like “Oh, yes, yes, we knew about it the entire time”

So, Trump has a serious task, and he doesn’t need people who do not understand global processes.
He needs people who will work understanding what’s going on.

That’s why when there was a doubt that Trump may not be a president, the representatives of those “national elites” moved away from him.

While Tillerson, independently one from the other (as Washington Post wrote), was recommended by the former State Sec Condoleezza Rice and the former CIA director Robert Gates.
He was recommended from the 2 sides.

But this is what’s on the surface. There is something way more important.

Tillerson is the only appointment that Henry Kissinger commented about.
He sided with Tillerson. Saying that he is their man and they should not attack him.
And suddenly no one is attacking him anymore.
And they started to talk about how Trump may realize the new Kissinger’s plan like in the 70s when Kissinger solved the triangle China, Russia (the USSR) and the US on one side, with the US cooperation with China.
Maybe now he wants to use Russia against China (who are alleged enemies)?
But that’s not the situation.

There is something else going on and Trump is not the idiot that they are trying to make of him.
For example the situation with the drone. (note: that China captured)
What did I say the last time?
Technologies must be transferred to China (from the US) but at the same time China must not owe anything to the US for this.
And now look, China captures some drone.
By accident or, secret drone or not, we don’t know.
But the key is this. China offers to return it back.
“Oh, no. Take it. We don’t need it.”
“Why do we need it after you study it out?”

So they are giving technologies to China in different ways.
And the smartest analysts in the US are saying that a war between China and the US is impossible. Because fighting with China, the US will fight their own interests and their own economy.
How are you going to fight if you are going to hit yourself?

So Tillerson represents the global elite.
Just look how he quit Exxon Mobil. Immediately.
This is a clear indication that the global elite in the US is confident that nothing will change the election results.

And here we come back to Michelle Obama who says (indirectly): “Guy, don’t try anything. Trump will be a president”
“That’s why all your moves are hopeless.”

And we must understand one more thing. Look how all anti-Trump talks are getting less and less in America.
Less and less. Some people are still moaning but they are not that brave. There are no massive crowds anymore. Everything goes.

And most importantly – there is no leader.
What are they fighting for? To bring Clinton? But she quit. Her staff is still talking something but she is quite. And that makes their position weak.

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