Why Putin Doesn’t Drink – Alcohol As A Genetic Warfare

putin doesn't drink

It’s not a secret that president Putin doesn’t drink alcohol. He seems to do it only in the occasions when it’s required in some way by the protocol or by the cultural tradition where he goes.
And even if he drinks, he doesn’t make it publicly. He is actually promoting a sober way of living.

Why is he doing this?

Because he knows that drinking alcohol is not just unhealthy bad habit but on a bigger scale it’s a warfare tool.

Alcoholism can destroy societies.
It’s a disease that hits on many fronts.
It destroys the health of the people and their children.
It makes people less productive and less capable of doing complex tasks.
It destroys morals and relationships.

The Russians very well remember the 90s when alcoholism in the country had peaked. The whole country was a disaster. And the Russian population shrank more than it did in the WW2.

Nobody has been able to conquer Russia in a military sense; not Hitler and not Napoleon if we don’t go back too far in recent history. But what has been achieved successfully is a cultural ‘norm’ of drunkness, whether or not its worse than other places in the world. This kind of ‘genetic warfare’, akin to 4th generation warfare (a documented, CIA weapon of media warfare) weakens a particular genetic pool, substituting a superior trait with a weaker one as if it was tradition all along.

Vladimir Putin, is a phenomenon in Russian modern history, in that he does not drink. His New Year’s toasts are made without a champagne glass in hand, because even a glass of champagne is not harmless in the grand scheme of things. Alcohol and tobacco are tools used to subdue a populace, one that could render great things – and this doesn’t just go for just Russia.

Here we have a translated video of some of the cases in which Vladimir Putin doesn’t recommend or rejects the use of alcohol.
For a comparison the video includes some of the moments when the former president Boris Yeltsin was drunk publicly during the 90s.
Plus, the video also has a segment of a lecture by Viktor Efimov (a popular Russian expert) done in the academy of FSB (the former KGB) where he talks about alcohol as a genetic warfare tool.

Watch the video below:

The video and some of the text above are taken from the Inessa S Youtube Channel.

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