The Roles Of India, China And Iran In The Globalists’ Master Plans – Valeriy Pyakin

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Have you asked yourself what are the roles of India, China and Iran in the global political picture?
The Russian expert Valeriy Pyakin explained them briefly in his recent “Question – Answer” weekly program when he was asked a question about India.

Watch the video of Pyakin explaining the role of India, China and Iran in the big globalists’ master plans below: (English captions available)

Read the full English translation of the video below:

Question from Alexander.
The Indian PM Modi said in Davos that “Globalization is in danger” and he also spoke about the positive changes in India.
For me this sounded like a proposal to the GP (Global Predictor) to consider India as a center of concentration of power instead of Iran.
So there are some games between the big players like China, India and Russia. Did I get this right?

No. The things here are a bit different.

When it comes to India and its relations with China I’ve always pointed out the following.
That China has been given the opportunity to realize the Silk Road project.

And again, look how competently they build supranational governance.
Now in China they are establishing 2 courts that will sort out all things and all conflicts in regards to the project “One Belt, One Road”.
One court will work on the overland part and the other one on the marine part.
So they’ve practically created courts with supranational jurisdiction.
Understand, this is an external court to any government that participates in the Silk Road project that will sort all all issues.
So everything is going persistently.

So no, the issue with India is different.
Btw, in India they have the project North-South Corridor.
So that China does not get full power.
See, China has the route “East to West” while India has “South to North”.
So if China does something not planned these roads can be crossed, cut through.

The question is about another thing. It’s about the unique position of India.
India must be the constant aggravator.
India is the most ancient fascist state.
A sustainable state.

And to bring in India in the real politics as a center of concentration of any power thus destroying this polygon for working off control over people… Nobody is going to do it.
India is very serious reserve.
Which of course is supported at certain level so that it exist and have some weight.
Especially during the peak of China, I repeat.
So that China doesn’t try too much to come out from the supranational control.

And Iran has been programmed a long time ago for this.
They are, nevertheless, a Muslim country.
So the globlists have always looked Iran as the most optimal option to take the green flag of Islam from the hands of Saudi Arabia.

But when they began to implement the project, the 8 years war between Iran and Iraq showed that Iran was not at the stage to be a center of concentration of power.
Because of that, to realize these projects, they need constant external help.
In particular, Iraq was demolished by the Western coalition so that it falls to the sphere of control of Iran.
Exactly for this.

Same with ISIS.
ISIS should have been crushed by Iran making concessions with the state elite of the US.
Yet not crushed completely but allowed to go north.
To rupture the state ties in Russia.
So that Russia is divided into souvenir states where Chinese peacekeeping forces would introduce order. This way realizing the strategy “One Belt, One Road”.

But Iran failed.
Because, yes, the Western coalition destroyed Iraq but here the US state elite took a bite and ISIS began to fight Iran seriously.

So the situation got such that Russia managed to implement its global policy, gaining more sovereignty and turning Russia into center of concentration of power.

Everything goes step by step.
They miscalculated, we won.
Because we have a statesman leading our country.

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