Russia Will Shoot Down All UFOs Over Syria – Valeriy Pyakin


On October 18 2016 the Belgian air force bombed a Kurdish village near Aleppo, Syria called Hassajek killing innocent civilians. The popular Russian analyst Valeriy Pyakin debunks the “incident” and explains the whole situation.

The original video is from October 24th 2016 and it’s part of Pyakin’s “Question – Answer” weekly program.

Watch the video with English captions here:

Full English transcript of the video:

Valeriy Viktorovich, is the bombing over Hassajek by Belgian jets a case in which the US wanted to put an European country at a risk of being hit by the Russian air defense systems… So that they provoke a conflict between Russia and Europe (avoiding direct participation in it)?
If so, what can be the consequences for the relations between Europe and the US based on the evidence provided by Russia?
And is the evidence also a big hint for Brussels that Russia also has an evidence on the downing of the Boeing over Donbass that can be released in the right time?

No, this is not the case. The situation here is much more interesting and complicated.
This is one the moments of the process to take down the US and free Europe from American rule.

The thing is, when Russia declared that it is protecting a certain territory with its air defense…
But what territory? Why those jets were not taken down?
They were not shot down because they didn’t fall into the ‘required conditions’ that Russian had declared.
Russia had declared that they were going to shoot down jets and missiles that threaten the Syrian army and the Russian forces.
So just that segment.

In this situation there was no threat for the Syrian Army and the Russian contingent. The hit was against the Kurds.
Then ISIS began an attack. And so on. But against the Kurds.

So what is all about…
The Kurdish topic is a card that’s used wherever they want.
And here they show the Kurds one more time that Europe and the United States (because the US rules Europe) are not your allies and they won’t respect your interests
They want to help ISIS, they are killing you, they are just using you when they need you. Because they need to enter in this territory. And you have certain fighting potential.
And they should not discount that Kurdish fighting potential if they want to be there.

So, working on the local task, the “US state elite” is destroying their own global politics.
They close themselves (them and Europe) the opportunity for solution of the “Kurdish question”.
The Kurds have no other allies except Syria and Russia.
They are at war with everyone else… Except for Iran.
But with Iran there are other questions.
Don’t forget that the Kurds are those same Persians. Just a little bit different.
That’s why the creation of Kurdistan is similar to the India and Pakistan situation. Something that has a potential to explode later.
And Iran is not interested in the formation of a strong Kurdistan.

So… The hit on the Kurds.
The Belgian air force did an attack and we exposed them. Why are they bombing allies? When you have to fight ISIS you help ISIS.
The Belgians say that they haven’t done it.
And we show data from the objective control. Based on the signal we identified that from this airport have taken off exactly these jets of yours.
And these jets have gone here, they’ve been refueled by the Americans, bombed and flew away.

The Belgians deny everything. Great. What’s left for Russia to do?
The US is denying that they’ve organized it. Belgium says that those were not their jets. So it turns that someone else is flying using their codes.
You deny it. So next time we will show you evidence in the form of wreckage from the jets.

This is what they’ve done to themselves alone.
And it’s even more interesting…

What if the jets were not Belgian but American? What if the Americans have used the Belgian codes to hit these areas?
It turns out that we (in any case not attacking Europe) are ruining the relations between the US and Europe.

You want to frame us? (Europe to US)
And the answer of the American military is.. So now Russia and Belgium have… And Belgium means also France, Germany and others. All they now have to inform Russia about their flights directly without the US so that they don’t get hit by the air defense.
And Russian now has the right to defend the Kurds with its air defense.
All depends on the Kurdish position.

Understand? Either American or Belgian or other jet wreckage will be used as evidence in case of further incidents.
The whole diplomatic arrangement is leading to this.
Now the ‘US state elite’ is in a conflict with Europe and their own US military.
And now there is a question for the US military.

“Aha. Now we have to take risks because you want to achieve something there?”
“Because we protected ISIS so that they can fight with the Russians. You want to throw us in that fight too?”
“And how are we going to fight? We have big problems.”

So here is a conflict. Americans never wanted to fight alone.
It’s one thing to use a cover. To imitate Belgians and hit someone.
And it’s another thing to take hits and get a conflict with Europe.

And for the Belgians and the rest this is a signal. Guys, if this is not you, then we will shoot down all these UFOs!
That’s why there is a scandal.

(The next question…)

Oh, just a minute…

We have to understand. This provocation was organized by the Globalists using their tools in Europe and in the United States.

We don’t play in these games. For us people are people. And our aerospace forces defend them.

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