The Russian Army In Syria Went Beyond The Boundaries Of The Military Art – Evgeny Satanovsky

russian army in syria - evgeny satanovsky

The Russian army in Syria went beyond the boundaries of the military art. It did the impossible.
This is basically what the president of the “Institute for the Middle East” and a renowned expert In Russia Evgeny Satanovsky said explaining the significance of the achievements of the Russian Army in Syria.

According to him the Russian Armed forces did the impossible by turning around the hopeless for the Assad government situation.

The video below is a segment of the popular Russian political TV show “Sunday Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” from Oct. 1 2017.

Watch Evgeny Satanovsky explaining the overachievement of the Russian army in Syria with english subtitles below:

Read the full English translation of the video below:

Solovyov: Go on.

The Syrian army was ruined and the government was ruined too. By most optimistic predictions it could survive no more than a month and a half, maybe 2 months.

And it didn’t matter if the Iranians were there to fight good or bad, with Hezbollah who fight well. Today there would have not been Syria if the Russian Aerospace forces have not shown up.

We showed up there in the last moment.

Without this I’m afraid that we wouldn’t be able to praise them (the Syrians) for anything.

In order to reach the level that it has now the Syrian army needed Russian military advisers in every battalion.

Everywhere. I’m not even talking about the 5th Corps.

Even more. The number of Iranian soldiers in Syria before the Russian Aerospace forces entered were about 7-8 thousand.

When Russia came there they suddenly turned in to just a thousand which we didn’t expect.

It was an unpleasant factor because we have counted on the Iranians to do more than what they have demonstrated in reality.

And there were many other similar surprises.

Remembering the level of the Syrian army during the rule of Hafez Assad, it was hard to imagine that it would drop to such condition during Bashar Assad.

We couldn’t imagine that the president of Syria could not declare total mobilization.

This question was always asked, including by Semyon Arkadievich (Bagdasarov). Where is the mobilization?

Bagdasarov: Mobilization resource … (unclear sentence)

Satanovsky: It turns out that the president cannot declare mobilization. Refuses to do it. And he is right.

To mobilize people into army that is at war for 5 years in the country.

So we have to precisely estimate their abilities.

What our army did there is beyond the boundaries of the military art.

To manage to stabilize the situation there with the limited personnel that we have there… And then to turn the situation around and reach what we have today…

With all the ugly (unprofessional) things that we had to face with our local allies… With Aleppo, with Palmyra that was thrown to the mercy of fate and we had to take it twice…

Today the Russian Joint Staff, the Ministry of defense, got experience that no one else has.

This is fact.

Ahead is Kurdistan. And how to deal with the Kurds.

The Kurds are supplied by the Americans despite all the talks of Erdogan.

In this regard, the flights ban from Iraqi Kurdistan after the referendum there is very selective.

It doesn’t cover military flights.

Because all the military help the Syrian Kurds get comes from Iraqi Kurdistan and here Baghdad cannot do anything.

Also, it’s not clear how all these heavy talks from Baghdad, Ankara, Tehran, about the referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan will end.

Most likely a with a lot of noise and nothing more.

That’s why there will be many difficulties. We should not celebrate prematurely.

It seems that the Turkish army will have to clear Idlib because it’s their interest, thankfully it’s not because of ours.

Bagdasarov: We should not go there.

Satanovsky: Our allies there… It’s a very positive factor.

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