Russian Expert Explains The Repatriation Of The German Gold – Valeriy Pyakin

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There has been a news recently that Germany has gotten back their gold from the US. So the Russian Expert Valeriy Pyakin was asked to comment on the news and explain the repatriation of the German gold.

This question came because many analysts, including Pyakin, believe that the German gold that is supposed to be stored in the United States is not even there and will not be given back, despite that it is a major part of the German gold reserves. And suddenly this news comes. Germany has its gold back. What has happened? Is it true or not?

So, did Germany really return its gold from the United States?
We have translated the segment from Pyakin’s “Question – Answer” program from September 12 2017 in which the top Russian analyst comments on this relatively recent news.

You can watch it below with English subtitles:

Read the full English translation of the video below:

A question from Oleg Sokolov who have watched the “Question – Answer” program from August 26 2013.
There you have talked about the German gold that is in the Federal Reserve.
And a quote from you: “There is no German gold in the FED and the US doesn’t plan to give back anything”. End of quote.
These days he has watched some news (from Sept 8) in which they say that Germany has returned its gold. Tell us what has changed? And why did it happen?

Nothing has changed.

The United States cannot give back Germany their gold. They don’t even allow them to see it firsthand where they store it.

They say this: “We are gentlemen. You’ve been told that there is gold. So believe us. What do you want to check in our storage? Who are you? You are an occupied country, not we. We are the winners. We took your gold.”

So based on this they’ve told them:
– “You are an occupied country. Did we give you the gold back?”
– “Yes, you did.” (the German answer)
– “Ok, tell this to the entire world. That we have returned you the gold. And don’t demand any gold from us again.”

That’s the whole situation.

Because of the rights of the winner, because of the rights of the strong one, because of the American bases in Germany. Because they form the German government. They appoint the Chancellor with the Kanzler-Akte in Washington.

They even appoint the candidates there – those who will come forward and those who won’t, and they pick who to win.

When the defense minister says:
“Oh, excuse me Mrs. Chancellor, I forgot to tell that our army will go there.”
“Why did you forget?”
“Our partners from the US called and told me to announce it. And I forgot to tell you.”

Of course, in these conditions all the officials will say what they have to. And no one will demand the gold.
And everything needed will be signed. It’s an occupied country. You have to understand this.

And another thing…

You should not believe everything that they show on TV.
You must have critical view.

And to understand what they are showing you must know how to work with information.
And where is this information given? Only, in the “Concept of Public Security” and the “Fairly general theory of management” (DOTU/ДОТУ).

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