“She Is Mad” – Top Russian Politician Hits On Hillary Clinton’s Mental Issues

vladimir zhirinovsky

With just a few direct words the top Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky explains that Hillary Clinton is a mad person who is dangerous for the world politics.

Watch the short video with English subtitles:

Original video source: TASS Agency

Full text translation of Zhirinovsky’s remarks:
What’s bad about Hillary Clinton. Do you remember how much she enjoyed it when Gaddafi was laying in blood in the streets of Sirte? Like a kid. “Ha Ha Ha”. It is mad. She is enjoying the death of the leader of another country.
Or about the alleged Ben Laden. They’ve staged the capturing of Ben Laden. Wow, Wow! She is enjoying it. The American special forces illegitimately enter some house in a foreign country. And they shoot a foreign person. The leader of some organization. She is enjoying people’s death.
Female fanaticism, just like female alcoholism, is the most dangerous. Alcoholic woman never turns back into being a normal woman with normal living. She will seek revenge… on her husband. She is still beating him.
Just like Luzhkov has been beaten by his wife Baturina. (Note: Luzhkov is a former mayor of Moscow) Eyewitnesses have said it. Their houses were next to theirs. They saw how she is beating him with some shoe or something. But it happens in families. It’s normal.

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