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“RU EXPERTS” is a project that has started out of enthusiasm and willingness to spread a lot of good and important opinions of different Russian speaking experts on global politics.
The issues they talk about affect people all around the world. And representing one of the global powers (Russia), it would be ignorant if those views stay hidden for the global public.
That’s why this project is important and your help to keep it going is essential.¬†

It requires a lot of energy, research, knowledge, hard work, time and money.
All these are scarce resources for us since we are not funded by any institution or government, we are a team of 2, we have other full-time jobs and very little time to spend.
Nevertheless, we believe that the project is worth doing as a public service for those people worldwide who want to hear “the other point of view” about all the global problems.

So, we are welcoming your help. And here is how you can do it:
1. You can donate money for the project so we can pay for full-time staff.
2. You can volunteer to translate Russian materials (if you are fluent in both languages).
3. You can spread our materials – like them, share them, show them to friends, link to them from your sites, etc.

DONATE (Paypal):
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All these things can help the project stay active.
Your support matters.
Thank you.