Top Israeli Expert Yakov Kedmi: The US Intelligence Agencies Lie

yaakov kedmi

The top Israeli expert Yakov Kedmi explain why the US intelligence agencies are lying to their president and their own people, when he was asked to comment on the Russian hacking reports in the United States.

Yaakov Kedmi is the former head of the Israeli intelligence agency “Nativ”, He is a very popular political, military and intelligence analyst in Israel and in Russia.

Here you can watch a translated version (with captions) of his appearance in the Russian language Israeli TV ItonTV where he is an often guest in the “Secret folder/Classified” program.

Full translated transcript of the video:

My name is Mark Gorin. With me is my competent interlocutor Yakov Kedmi. Hello, Yasha.

Good day.

Yasha, the inauguration of the US president elect mister Trump is coming, while the scandal about the cyber attacks is getting popular again.
4 American intelligence agencies I think (CIA, FSB, NSA and the federal prosecutors)

Not FSB, but FBI

Yes, FBI. CIA, FBI, NSA and the Department of Justice

DOJ is not an intelligence agency.

They have presented a joint report. And Russia said that there is no real evidence there.
The Americans said that the evidence is the operative work.


That’s how the Americans answered. I don’t know why.
They say the have some real proof…

There was a report. And the Americans admitted themselves. The speaker of the State department admitted that there are no proofs in the report.

– In the public part.

– He said: There are no proofs in the report.
Why? Because they say that they don’t want to reveal their sources.
There are no proofs, right? So, there is no guilt. That’s it.
To say that “Americans have said so, so we must believe them”, for me is end of topic.
Because during the whole US history, from 1945, when they began to develop more professional intelligence agencies, to today, there was not a single case in which the US intelligence have determined correctly: what happens in the Soviet Union or in Russia, what are the goals of the government. All their assessments for that period have been incorrect.
That’s first. Just a second.
Second. What shows the latest scandal with the alleged ‘dossier’ against Trump. The chairman of the national agency said.
He said: “We do not believe this. We did not provide nor check it. To say that this is truth is wrong.” That’s it.
I have seen it many times. They take some rumors. They write them on paper and put a confidential sign. And then this becomes a ‘material’.
I have seen with my own eyes the nonsense that American intelligence agencies had written about what was happening in Russia. Just badly organized rumors.
To trust the Americans after what they were saying about Iraq, Syria, Iraq again, what they’ve done in Lybia, and Ukraine… It is not serious to trust them.
They are not professionals. They can’t work with information correctly.
They prefer rumors and gossips.
The results can be confirmed only if there are facts.
If there are no facts to prove it, the info is not worth the paper it’s written on.

But it’s not about something that happened in Russia. It’s about something that happened on their territory.
And these are 4 agencies. You think that 4 agencies can go to the new president and lie to him?

The American Military Intelligence, the CIA and the Pentagon LIED to the president of the United States, the senate and the congress, and the Vietnam war began.
That lie of all these “very respected” agencies drew the country into a war that shakes the US even today.
Then someone comes and says “Believe them!”.
They’ve proven that we should not believe them if there are no facts. I do not believe anyone blindly. Not even ours.

I agree. What about the Trump’s phrase when he was asked directly if they have shown him proof?
He didn’t say no. He said that they have problems with defending cyber attacks.

So what?

I don’t know.

From what they have told him he understood. Their cyber security system is weak but that doesn’t mean that following Putin’s commands Russian hackers hacked that system.
He said “yes, we have holes”.

No, he also said, when he was asked what he would have asked Putin about it… Even I understood…
He said: “I would have told him to not do that anymore”

Ok. Let him say it. He will have the chance.

Yes. They will meet.

He can tell Vladimir Vladimirovich anything he wants.

Of course.

Today, there are absolutely no facts that Russia did it.
The opposite. There is evidence that it was not done by Russia.


How Assange…

It could be China…

What about China here?

Trump said it, not me.

I’m talking about proofs.
Assange, the head of Wikileaks, who is working for years, has never been accused of using Russian data.
And suddenly they are accusing him of this.
He says he got the information from other people.
People who provided the information to him say “We gave it to him”.
The person who got the information from the democratic party says “I gave him that”.
All this is not taken into account.
What’s taken into account is something that they cannot prove and they cannot talk about.
Because 6 pages of this report were about an overview of the Russian media that operates in English language.
And the “genius analysis” that they support Trump.
And then what. Then they provide one more argument, in the secret part, one more…
That they alone managed to hack the communication system in Russia…
And they managed to get a talk between 2 Russian officials in which they were happy about the election of Trump.
And this is their proof!
You know something… In Israel, our officials were way happier than the Russians. Does that mean that we were also involved?
And then… Who can talk about this? The Americans?
Who have never listened (spied on) anybody. They don’t.
Not even their own allies, or inside their own government.
And how did Russia affect the elections?
They gave the American people what the leaders of the democratic party tried to cover.
And what do “Voice of America”, “Free Europe”, BBC and the rest do?
They tell the Soviet people, or now the Russian people, the things their government hides.

Generally, yes.

There is a Soviet joke.
A man is running on the street and screams “Khrushchev is an idiot!”.
Then he is sued and sentenced for 26 years.
1 year for insulting a government official and 25 years for disclosing national secrets!
So even if these hackers have spread national secrets.
That the democratic party, using illegal unconstitutional methods, against all laws, has elected Hillary Clinton and used dirty tricks in the election campaign.
This is a government secret.
The revelation of which for the American people is a ‘huge crime’.
Besides, there was not even one accusation that the information provided by the hackers was wrong.
No one said it.
The election campaign was full of lies from both sides. But no one has proved that there was a false accusation in materials provided by the hackers.
And then, the Americans, who got used to everyone listening everyone, more than anybody in the world.
It’s very possible, that the hacker attacks were not done by some ‘foreign enemies’. They spy to each other inside the country.
Since the time of president Hoover.

Oh of course, Hoover.

If they spy on their closest allies. The Brits, the Germans, not to mention the French.
Then inside the country, where one party fights with the other “till death”. They don’t spy on each other?
What? “A raven won’t peck another raven’s eye”?. It will, if it’s an American raven.

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  1. pls send updates

  2. Hi is not very popular in Israel “Nativ” is not intelligence agency, it has nothing to
    intelligence service, and got this status due to stupid talk one of the Russians official . His main idea to explain how USA unmoral regime, in one the interview he told that Colin Pawler wrapped dead children and he explains that Donald Tramp write in twitter which show his low IQ level . In 1994 “Nativ” was declared as fictive organization, however Kedmi try to say this is wrong and this job is same as a military general. Now this man speak a lot in Russian pro government program for Vladimir Soloviev. According to Kedmi Stalin was good manager and kill not more people than Winston Churchill‬‏. Only stupid person in Israel or in western world can consider this man a seriously .

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