The TRUMP Test For The State Elites – Valeriy Pyakin

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The Russian political expert Valeriy Pyakin accurately predicted Trump’s victory in the US elections. Right after those elections he explained how they were also a test for people who work in government institutions and the “state elites” (or the national elites) of the different countries.

It’s a test for whether they understand that global processes that are going on.
And the results are in.
Watch the short video below and you will find out what they are.

The TRUMP Test For The State Elites

This is a segment from Valeriy Pyakin’s “Question-Answer” program from November 14, 2016. Here he explains how Donald Trump’s election for president was also a test for the national and state elites in the US and around the world.

Here is the translated video of Pyakin explaining the “Trump election test” with English subtitles:

Full text translation of the video:

So, there was nothing unexpected. Trump’s victory was objective and logical.
This victory happened because of the conditions in the US society and the global elite’s plans to re-format the United States.
It was necessary to overcome and eliminate the resistance of the US “state elite”. And here everything was done great.

If 2 months ago, the problem with Clinton and the corporate clans behind her was principally solved. They’ve “broken their backs”. The problem with the personnel base of the “state elite” who do not understand global politics at all… They don’t know. They mistake the US foreign policies with global politics. And they think that’s all.
For them, the highest level of control are the international relations.
There are no supranational institutes. They don’t even see the UN. “We rule how we want.”

Just look at Samantha Power there.
And nothing seems to work for her, which makes her more hysterical and then she fails even more. It’s a closed cycle.
The supranational rule is already appearing on structural level. Without structure it is there from long ago.
That’s why Trump won. It was normal.

And look at the situation here…
The globalists, using this information campaign for electing Trump, tested the government structures and the state elites if they adequately understand the ruling processes.
And here, as they say, the results are satisfying. THEY ARE ALL IDIOTS!
Nobody past the test. Just NOBODY.

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