The Truth About The Conflict In Myanmar – Nikolai Starikov

the conflict in myanmar explained by nikolai starikov

The conflict in Myanmar (Burma) between the Buddhist government and the Rohingya Muslims got a lot of attention the last few days. The Russian writer and politician Nikolai Starikov recently explained what is going on there. And of course there is more than just some local issue. The conflict in Myanmar is currently used on a global level.

Starikov is known as an expert in politics who is able to explain complex schemes and issues in a very understandable for the average viewer way. In his comments he gives a very logical explanation of the whole situation so that ordinary people can get a sense of what is really going on in Myanmar.

So if you want to know the truth about the conflict in Myanmar and what the media is not telling you about it, listen to Nikolai Starikov.

You can watch the short 6 minute segment of Starikov talking about the conflict below. English subtitles included.

Read the full English transcript of the video:

The situation in Myanmar escalated from nowhere. A week ago nobody talked about it and now it’s topic number 1 in world media.
Who is creating this new hot spot and why?

Well, first I want to say that the escalation is not from nowhere. About 6 years ago I wrote in one of my books about Myanmar.
“Evil military” were crushing Buddhists back then, not Muslims by the way.
And the whole “progressive world” back then 6-7 years ago was “outraged” and were defending the Buddhists.
You know, just like our liberals who were saying “today we are a bit Georgians”. Back then they were “a bit Buddhists”.

Now the situation is different.
First you have to pay attention that “amazingly” Myanmar, former name Burma, is next to China.
How are all hot spots close to China’s borders? And nothing happens close to America.

So Myanmar is not a very big country. Most of the population are Buddhists.
And there’s a region in the country where there are Muslims. And I want to say a few words on how they ended up living there.
They are immigrants from “Big India” which was then separated into India and Pakistan, and later they also separated Bangladesh.

This Bangladesh is very interesting. It’s territory is similar to our Stavropol and Krasnodar regions in size.
While there are 170 million people living there. So imagine a population bigger than Russia’s living in just 2 Russian regions. It’s very high density.

So the population splashes out to other regions including Myanmar/Burma.

They are Muslims. Why have they become Muslims in a region where most people are Buddhists or Hindus in India?

Why? As we know there is a caste system in India.
So if you are from the lower caste, you can expect anything good in your life.
And now imagine. There come a new religion, Islam, where you are equal. All people are equal.
You must agree this is a very different approach to life. That’s why Islam became widely popular so fast there. It gave them new perspectives.

And today suddenly they are telling us that a conflict between Muslims and Buddhists has begun.
So attention, the so called Islamic extremism is usually rising in places where China wants to do something.

Look at the map. China wants to build a canal through Myanmar in the Indian ocean.
Wherever China wants to dig something the Islamic extremism immediately rises.
China is building a naval base in Pakistan and there is Islamic extremism.
In Africa there are always some Islamic terrorists that appear in the places where China explores some resources.
So it’s such strange geopolitical story.

Of course the West stays behind this, the USA. They use these conflict regions so they become bloody.
And then by the rules of the information genre they exacerbate the situation around.
A lot of messages in the Western press. Suddenly social media is all over it and some videos of murdered children appear.
Besides, a significant part of this so called content is not made in the particular region. They take photos of tortured children from other regions and say: “Look, look what’s going on”.

Now, how this relates to us? It’s very cunning.

First, it’s close to China. We have good relations with them. I’m not going to say that they are allies because it’s a big word.
Also China supports the government of Myanmar which is Buddhist and the Muslims there are a minority there. Maybe they are oppressed there.

Now about us, we have a lot of Muslims, millions, and we have Buddhists too. Not as many as the Muslims but there are some. So the conflict between the 2 religions is a potential conflict inside Russia.
Just like they tried to show the events in Crimea as a conflict between the Russians and the Tatars. And then from Crimea they could transfer it to other regions. Like in Kazan. The Russians suddenly start to fight with the Tatars despite that they live together hundreds of years and everyone is basically half-Tatar and half-Russian.
It’s the same with this. That’s why the situation for us is dangerous.

The whole thing is portrayed in a very emotional way and what do we see? Millions of people rally in Grozny.
And it’s normal. People from the same faith want to defend each other. It’s absolutely normal.
But we have to understand that there is a certain emotional wave used here.

And on the other hand, Ramzan Akhmadovich Kadyrov cannot stay silent as he is one of the Muslim leaders not only in Russia, but in the World.
He can’t. That’s why if you start to molest Muslims in Myanmar you know that there’s going to be a rally in the Chechen Republic.

You understand, right?

And then they make a rally in Moscow. Thousands of people come to it. And rightfully speak that this must be stopped. This puts the Moscow authorities in a difficult situation. Because they should not disperse the crowd.
These are people who are sincerely upset.

So it’s a clever Trojan horse made by the Americans. Because it’s tries to start a conflict inside Russia and also tries to create tensions between Russia and China.
Because if we support the Muslims in Burma (Myanmar) it would appear that we go against China. So it’s a clever multi-layer move by them.

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  1. Nikolai Starikov is incredible hopefully he will advise the Russian government on the foreign affairs and the Economy. His views are what every country should follow

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