The Truth About The Possible War Against North Korea – Valery Pyakin

the truth about north korea explained

Many people want to know the truth about the possible war against North Korea. What is going to happen? Will there be a big war? Possible nuclear war? Or is it all bluff?

So how possible is the war against North Korea?

4 months ago the Russian analyst Valeriy Pyakin explained the whole situation about the tensions around North Korea and the possible war there. The North Korea situation is still one of the main topics these days and a lot of experts fear big war.

Watch the segment from Pyakin’s Question-Answer from April 17th 2017 on the truth about North Korea with English captions below.

Read the full English transcript of the video with Valery Pyakin:

As Alexander Yermak writes: As the US just bombed Syria, they also used the MOAB in Afganistan…
And he thinks that the use of such bomb is ineffective. Just 36 fighters killed, 3 underground ISIS tunnels destroyed, destroyed weapons and ammunition.
So there are some political goals. Is this related to the attack against the Syrian airport and the deployment of the US fleet to North Korea?

The last statement gave the right point of the question.
The deployment of the US fleet to the coast of North Korea.
How is North Korea different…
Who was this bombing in Afghanistan addressed to?

At first look it’s not very effective. But it’s really not important what was destroyed there…
The Americans officially say that they’ve destroyed up to 90 fighters, ISIS say that no one was killed. So it’s unclear.

The point is about the purpose of the bomb. The bomb is used to destroy object that are inside mountains.
In North Korea in case of a war, practically all life supporting and production facilities are deep inside mountains.
And this bombing is like a statement that the US is capable of destroying this facilities.

In reality they don’t have the capability to destroy all underground infrastructure in North Korea.
But for the public and I mean the military public, the generals. They get excited like “Yeah, we can hit them and destroy everything!”
Even though they understand that it’s not going to be enough.

It looks like a message for North Korea, but in reality it’s a message for the American elites.

In our Foreign Ministry Maria Vladimirovna Zakharova often gives briefings.
She immediately said that the missile strike against Syria is a solution for the inner political problems in the US.
Did anyone of the analysts out there hear her?
Nobody. They missed it. Yet, she often speaks useful things for those analysts.

So they need to create noise around North Korea. They need to raise that issue. That’s why it’s obvious for everyone that this bomb is a threat for the North Korean regime. And those who understand all this, they organize it.

The whole North Korean crisis is organized to ease the tensions around Syria and escape a hot war there.

While the North Korean conflict is planned to the smallest detail on how to be deescalated.
They show muscles, everyone is screaming, they send the fleet, jets a flying. They may even sink something. It could be. But at the end all this leads to nowhere.

What is happening around North Korea. They were speaking, screaming, 3 carriers were sent.
Then our fleet went to Busan. Stayed there. Jets flew a few times close to the Japanese border. And everything is clear.
We have what we need to counter that fleet that the US is sending there.
China will also participate. Because who wants instability near their borders?

But most importantly, nobody understands a simple thing.

The global governance is not interested in a war against North Korea.

I’ve already talked about this several times that the whole North Korea project would have collapsed, especially in the 90s, if there weren’t the United States.
The scenario is always the same. North Korea comes with some threats, they do military tests, show missiles. And the Americans are like “Oh, scary, scary”.
But they are peacekeepers. They have to do something. So they feed the North Korean population.
When the Soviet Union was no longer out there to supply North Korea, the supplies in the 90s came from the US.

But to understand all this you must not follow geopolitics.
I don’t know, I’m talking about this cargo-cult so much, yet our analysts still follow it.
You have to understand global politics. From global politics viewpoint it is all clear.

What are the projects North Korea and South Korea all about?
When the analysts talk about war in the Korean peninsula I’m thinking.. Maybe they don’t use household appliances, they don’t go to stores.
Maybe they don’t use mobile phones…
They don’t see some of the cars on the streets, even here in Russia.
And many other things. They probably don’t have computers.

Do they understand what South Korea is in terms of production?
Where all this construction and manufacturing potential from the US went? In South Korea. That’s how the South Korean miracle happened.

And North Korea… It’s another experiment. They are creating a new type of human there.
And the end goal is to mix the technological development of South Korea with the human potential of North Korea.
The Earth is round and there are not many resources.
And they need to create a human that doesn’t need a lot while at the same time be able to develop the needed technologies.

That’s why when someone talks about war between North and South Korea, that means the the global predictor has decided to commit suicide on the planet.

So the technologically developed South Korea that’s among the main producers on the planet will instantly impact the sustainability of everyone.
And to save some of the countries that are going to be impacted by this will be problematic. And there can be a domino effect.
But most important, they are going to destroy the experimental human material they’ve already raised in North Korea.

So for decade they’ve worked, worked and worked. Divided the nation.
In one place they gave technologies. In the other place they raised specific humans.
Then they are going to unite the nation under North Korea and everything will be fine.

I repeat, the technical success of North Korea would have been impossible without the help from the Soviet Union and later from the US.
And there are people out there who seriously think that there’s going to be a war against North Korea?
You guys…..

They raise a “service person” there?

Yes, a service person.
Kovalchuk talked about this in the Council of the Federation.
Yes, a person with minimal needs who consumes less planet resources.

Producing less wastes?

Less wastes, but at the same time capable of providing the needed technological development, until they can transfer their brains to mechanic carriers.
For those globalists that operate these processes.

With all this we have to understand a simple thing. Let’s say they hit North Korea with nuclear weapon.
First, they are not going to destroy the whole North Korean infrastructure immediately.
I repeat, it’s deep underground.

But the main thing is that the nuclear weapon is effective with time.
The fighting potential of the survivors doesn’t decline much, but what is gone?
People understand that they are going to die. And this eliminates any motivation to avoid fighting to death.
And then what are the Americans going to do and where are they going to run?

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