Udo Ulfkotte’s Death Is Very Suspicious – Vadim Trukhachev On Russian TV

Udo Ulfkotte death

Udo Ulfkotte’s Death Is Very Suspicious. That’s what the Russian expert Vadim Trukhachev said on the Russian TV channel “Tsargrad TV”. He was asked to comment the recent death of the popular German journalist who supposedly died from a hearth attack.

Here is the short video from the program (with English captions):

Full text of the translated video:


This is a liberal journalist who had reached a certain point and then “saw the light”.
He understood that “further begins hell” and he should not go there.

Besides, at some point, it becomes clear that the lie you spread for years is not just far-fetched. It has nothing to do with reality.

And when you say one thing, you write one thing, but then you look through the window and you see a completely different thing. Here comes some contradiction in the person’s mind and he starts to change.

That’s what happened with Ulfkotte.
And naturally, the more he talked about things that contradict the accepted mainstream line in Germany, the more suspicious he looked.

His death looks very suspicious.
Put this way, heart attacks are among the favorite methods of the special service agencies.
I think that the German BND is not different than the rest.

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