The US State Dept Threatens Russia With The Terrorists That They Support – A. Wasserman

anatoly wasserman

Anatoly Wasserman in his weekly show on RenTV (“In Clear/Directly” from 30.09.2016) commented on the US State Department spokesman John Kirby and his aggressive terrorist threats against Russia. In a media briefing he threatened Moscow with terror attacks in Russian cities and even shoot downs of Russian jets.

Wasserman is a very popular scientist, engineer, journalist and political commentator in Russia. He is very smart and eccentric man with a vast knowledge on many topics.

In this short segment he exposes how the United States support terrorists and how Russia is preventing their sick plans. At the end he also talks about the bill that will allow victims of 9/11 to sue Saudi Arabia and the future of the US dollar.

Watch the translated video with English captions:

Full text of the translation:

Here is Wasserman. Presenting the weekly news in 10 minutes.
What do these events mean for us and what will be their consequences? We will tell IN CLEAR (bluntly)!

The US State Department directly called on the ISIS terrorists to attack.
And we are their target!
For the first time on such a high official level, Russia is warned: “If you don’t stop messing in our Middle East affairs, expect problems!”.
For us this means that for the first time in the last 25 years we are defending our own interests. And we are doing the right thing. This, of course, is not welcomed by many.

The official spokesman of the State Dept Kirby has already threatened Russia earlier that if we refuse to cooperate with the US, the consequences for us would be very negative.

Now he said: “The civil war will continue. Extremist groups will continue to exploit the vacuums that are there in Syria to expand their operations, which could include attacks against Russian interests, perhaps even Russian cities. Russia will continue to send troops home in body bags, and will continue to lose resources, perhaps even aircraft.”

Kirby DIRECTLY threatens that if we don’t stop helping the fight against terrorism in Syria, they will send us subversive group. And the so called “moderate opposition”, you know those cold blooded bearded men who chop heads just because some don’t want to accept their form of Islam, they will receive American anti-aircraft weapons. And then we, the Russians, will continue to “lose resources, maybe even aircraft”. The US are threatening and racketeering us bluntly.

And what do they have to fear? For the last 3 years, the Western media calls different Al Qaeda groups, like Jabhat Al-Nusra, “fighters for democracy”. And in the UN, with a lot of fear, I repeat clearly with fear, they say that because of the Russia’s actions the Syrian army has become stronger.
On Sunday the US, France and the UK called for an emergency meeting of the UN security council dedicated on the situation in Aleppo. When the Syrian ambassador took the word, the 3 countries that called for the meeting left the room. Let’s translate in clear from diplomatic. The opinion of the people of Syria who are represented by their ambassador doesn’t matter for the US and it’s assistants.

Just like they boycotted the representative from Libya who was outraged that the sky over his country was allowed only for NATO’s aircraft. And they hit Gaddafi’s army from their heart and with the help of radical islamists.
We can clearly see the result of what happened in Libya. But nobody cares about it in the West. The fact that the Syrian people are still fighting outrages the West more than the entire cities of slaughtered Christians and Yazidis.

Because their scenario went wrong, they are now forced to threaten us with terror attacks and modern weapons for terrorists. Today, they want to have a “no fly zone” again, this time over Syria. And again they ignore what the Syrians think. But this time, in defense of the poor suffering Syria, came the Russian soldier. Came firmly like he can. And the bearded “defenders of democracy” began to lose infrastructure, leaders. They don’t have enough weapons.
It’s not surprising that they blame us for new and new things. The stronger we are, the weaker those who live by the principle “you die today, I will die tomorrow” are.

And then came a news that can crush the American currency in one day.
Do you remember when the US dollar was worth 60 kopeiki (0.60 rubles)? It can happen again.
The Senate has overturned president’s veto on the 9/11 law that would allow US citizens to sue countries citizens of which are blamed for terrorism. The White House is not pleased. Earlier Saudi Arabia threatened that if the law was approved, they might sell their investments in US assets worth $750 billion. So the US victims can now sue Saudi Arabia or Qatar.

Let me remind you that “building the world’s caliphate” is a government’s policy there. If the Saudi princes get very offended and decide one day to get rid of the US bonds we will see how the biggest “paper house” in history (the US dollar) can collapse so fast that we are all going to feel it.

Well, it is more likely that the Saudis will get a new deal just like after 9/11. Or like they did after that when the Saudis were promised parts of Syria and shares of the Libyan oil fields, in exchange for the low oil prices.

The only one who is preventing this redistribution of the world is we, our country. We have declared our own interests. So it’s not surprising that they are fighting us both inside and outside. All this is not a coincidence. They act on the technical orders they receive from their masters.

That’s it. There will be another week with other news.

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