Vladimir Zhirinovsky Wants A War Between The US And North Korea

vladimir zhirinovsky

The very popular and very controversial Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky said that a possible US military intervention against DPKR would be good, thus supporting eventual war between the United States and North Korea.

But why he said it?

Watch the short video below and find out:
(English subtitles available)

Full translated transcript of the video:

Vladimir Volfovich, a short question for you, we only have a minute.
Tell us please, considering the last statements by Trump about North Korea, particularly his short messages in Twitter that Trump will “take care” of North Korea alone if China doesn’t help. What do you think? Will the US attack Pyongyang?

That would be good.
If America strikes Pyongyang the DPRK armed forces will destroy South Korea completely. They’ll hit the US forces there and they’ll hit Japan.
And finally the whole world will understand that this country should not be constantly disparaged, blocked and threatened with strikes against it.
Attack them! North Korea is ready… To destroy South Korea and parts of Japan… And all Americans. Please.
They are are ready. They are all suiciders. The people of North Korea are all courageous.
They are all like one ready to die fighting against the Americans. Everywhere, on every step.
That’s why if the US hits Pyongyang this will be the end of South Korea and America. And the whole US fleet will be destroyed.

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