Who Is Mister Zhirinovsky?


You might wonder who is mister Zhirinovsky? What’s the story of the charismatic and very controversial Russian politician Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky? Why is he always in the news and how did he become one of the most popular and unapologetic political leaders in the world?

Zhirinovsky is the leaders of the LDPR party in Russian which is represented in the parliament (the Duma) since the fall of the Soviet Union. LDPR is an abbreviation of “Liberal Democratic Party in Russia”, yet based on today’s understanding of the terms the party is neither liberal nor democratic. And same applies for its leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

Vladimir Volfovich is a frequent guest on the popular political talk show “Evening with Soloviev” hosted by Vladimir Soloviev. An year ago Soloviev invited Zhirinovsky for a one on one chat to remind the public about the whole political career of this remarkable personality.

And if you don’t know the story of Vladimir Zhirinovsky, how he got into politics, how did he manage to stay relevant and in the news for so many years, then you may want to watch the interview.

No doubt this man is very controversial, very interesting to listen to and plays a specific role not just in Russia’s but in world’s politics as well.
They say that Zhirinovsky is allowed to speak the things that many people can’t and as crazy and as radical as they may sound, he often turns out to be correct.

Zhirik (as people call him) always has something to say on basically any topic. And here the topic is his personal story. Take some time and listen to it.

Watch the whole interview with English captions below:

The video is translated and published on the Zahinho YouTube Channel.

And if you can’t have enough of mister Zhirinovsky we recommend you to check some of our translated materials with his participation like this on Hilary Clinton or how he wants a war between US and North Korea.

You may laugh at some, you may argue with others, you may even get scared of how this person even gets coverage. (Btw he is often referred as the Russian Trump even though it should be the opposite.) But one thing is sure. You will be engaged in the topic. He is an expert in engaging the viewer/listener.

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