Yakov Kedmi Straight Talk About Democracy And The Propaganda Against Putin

yakov kedmi

Watch how Yakov Kedmi exposes the modern democracy lies without mincing words and then explains why there is so much propaganda against president Putin.

Yakov Kedmi is a former head of the Israeli intelligence agency “Nativ”. He often appears on Russian TV to talk on global political issues.

Here we’ve translated a fragment of his appearance on the “Evening with Solovyov” program from June 19th 2017. Yakov talks about the true face of modern democracy and the purpose of the anti Putin propaganda in the west.

It’s a straight talk.

Watch the video of Yakov Kedmi talking about democracy and the propaganda against Vladimir Putin with English captions:

Read the full English transcript of the video:

The Western propaganda against Russia has always issued fakes.
The testament of Peter I, the Zinoviev letter… Compared to these, CNN does children’s tricks today.
So there were worse examples back in history. No matter who was ruling Russia.

All these fairy tales about democracy are for people whose naivety is on a level of stupidity.
For who? (Question)
It’s for the people whose naivety equals stupidity.
For them you can talk democracy.

President who… (interruption) What?

Ariel Cohen: You live in a democratic country and you say the democracy is for the stupid?

Yakov: I didn’t say democracy. I said THE FAIRY TALES ABOUT DEMOCRACY. These are different things.
The tales of democracy that American politics are ruled by are for the mentally retarded.

The drug dealer Noriega, CIA agent, was a drug dealer until the minute he decided to nationalize the Panama Canal. And suddenly the US army enters, justice and they put him in jail. Now he is a drug dealer!

The president of Russia who has driven the country mad. He spread that corruption. 10x times. (Note: It’s about Boris Yeltsin)
Criminality all over the country. And he within the “frames of democracy” uses tanks to shoot the parliament. Expels the constitutional court. Whose chairman is still the chairman btw. Buys elections.
Behaves like an animal when he’s abroad, like a drunk pig.
Everything is forgiven. He is a torch of democracy.
When Putin came….

Soloviev: Rampant democracy. Yakov is speaking such things that when it comes to presidents we try to… No we don’t cut.

Yakov: I saw rampant democracy when patrols with Kalashnikovs were on the streets.

Soloviev: I agree. It’s just that when we talk about presidents, including US presidents, we try to use softer terms.

Yakov: Well, I’m rough.

Soloviev: You are a foreigner. Yes.

Other guest: About democracy….

Soloviev: Just a second. Yakov, did you finish your thoughts?

Yakov: No.
I… What can I do..
I was brought up here before there was a democracy. So that.
When… Why Putin?

In the United States the propaganda is like advertising. It’s always ordered and paid by someone. The advertising can be positive or negative.

Soloviev: Will you say who?

Yakov: By name? The list is long.

Soloviev: Stop, stop, this is very important. Now we have ad break and then Yakov will say what is paid for and by who.
Yakov, I made everyone curious. That you will reveal a big secret. Who are these people, Yakov? What does the Israeli intelligence say?

Yakov: The Israeli agencies have good relations with Putin.

Leonid Kalashnikov: Delivered.

Yakov: He knows.

I said this because the propaganda that’s against Putin and Russia out there does not just mirror what’s in the press but it’s purposeful or paid in purpose.

It looks like the propaganda against Trump. It’s paid.
It’s paid by those who are interested in it.

Now, why against Putin? 2 reasons.

Putin happened to be the president who suddenly stopped the process who everyone expected – the destruction of Russia and then everything is fine.
Suddenly he stopped that. Not only this, he pursued a policy to boost Russia and Russia’s independent policy according to Russia’s interests which do not match the American’s.

And here happened what always happens.
It was determined that first… the reason for all this was Putin.
If they concentrate the attack against him, they can try to change the power in Russia. We take out Putin and everything is fine.
That’s why there is the policy from the beginning of the 21st century to de-legitimize Russia, Russia’s authority and the Russian President.
Because the psychology of the Americans is not very complex, you can concentrate the blame on one person and say “he is to blame for everything!”.
“He is creature from Hell”, “He is the reason for everything”.
That’s how Americans think. That’s how they work on them.
And that’s why all the attacks go on Putin. Because in their eyes, he is fundamental for the Russian policies.

And second… They still have hope that they can change the authorities in Russia. Trying with outside pressure and inside help to put another president.
They absolutely believed in this even 2 years ago.
An year ago there were people in Washington, people of power, who were saying that in half an year Putin won’t be in charge.


I want to remind you of the Detente.
Detente was started by the most anti-soviet president in the US Nixon.
He started it when the Pentagon told him that there is no and there won’t be an absolute military dominance of the US that could change the USSR’s policies.
There was no hope for a change of power in the Soviet Union. They couldn’t even imagine that the USSR would reach such shamelessness with Gorbachev and Yeltsin.
So when he understood that there wouldn’t have been change of power and that pressuring Russia (USSR) militarily would’ve brought nothing, he started the Detente.
Now it’s the same.

They still have hope that with the help of some of yours figurehead politicians… To throw off the power and take out Putin.
They will do this propaganda attack against him with all efforts. They will stop it only when they lose hope.

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