Zhirinovsky Explains The Only Solution For The Terrorism In Europe


The famous Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky explains the only solution for the terrorism in Europe.

After the recent terrorist attack in Barcelona, Spain, the fear and hysteria in the European Union about terrorism and refugees is very high. That’s why Zhirinovsky believes that only Russia is capable of solving the problem for the Europeans but are they ready to pay the price?

Here we show you Zhirinovsky’s recent comments that he made on the Russian TV about the terrorism in Europe and the problems with the refugees there.

Watch how he explains the only solution for the terrorism in Europe (with English subtitles):

Read the full English transcript of the video:

Now, we have the leader of LDPR Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovksy. Hello, Vladimir Volfovich.

I’m alone at work here, in the State Duma (the parliament). Just me

Host: That’s right.

Zhirinovsky: 450 members of parliament we have, 449 missing.

Host: The whole editorial crew was wondering where is Zhirinovsky today. And we found you at your place, in the Duma.

Zhirinovsky: Yes.

Host: Why does the Western world, in general, we don’t like to generalize but still… why does the West can’t come up with one simple thought? Instead of focusing on the imaginary threats like Russia, the monuments of Lenin, Soviets streets, and at the end confederates and slave-owners.
Why can’t we unite and fight against the real common threat? The terrorism.
They are wasting their powers on fighting anything but the thing that in reality is destroying Europe.

This is related to the model of democracy in all these Western European countries.
They want to be tolerant. Like we were in the Brezhnev days, friendship of People’s. International (Comintern).

When I was in the Council of Europes, a Swiss man told me that they have International. They don’t separate blacks and whites, Africans and Asians.

Today, they have what we had with Brezhnev.
They don’t even realize the threat. They think these are some single outbreaks.

They are well fed, satisfied, they live better than Africa, better than the Middle East, better than all Asia.
That’s why they are incapable anymore. They need new regimes.
And after bloody fights, right-wing movements will come to power. We already see indications in France, Belgium, Germany, etc.

But they won’t do anything either.
Because the regimes will be right. Governments will try to bring order in Europe, to reduce immigration, to expel refugees who commit crimes…
But they don’t have soldiers. They don’t have anyone to do the work.

The police is also incapable of doing it.
So Europe is not able to resist.

And here again, as every 100 years (Napoleon was destroyed by Russians, Hitler was destroyed by Russians), they will ask us for help again.

America won’t help them.

And again, our Spetznaz, our experience and our army and police will bring order in Europe.

Not now, but in 5-10 years they will call us.

And then we will be forced to help. They can’t do it alone.

The main reason is that the refugee invasion is of the youngest people on the planet.
The average age in the Islamic countries is 20 years, 25 years maximum.
In Europe, it’s 40-50 years. These are different age generations.

And the youth wants revolution, war, criminal activities, blood.
That’s why they are going to Europe.

The regime in Libya must come back. To close the borders.
They have to ask our Black Sea fleet. We will close the sea routes.
And then bring order in Europe where new refugees won’t arrive…
And those who are currently there must be controlled with the hardest possible measures that a country can use to sustain order.
Otherwise the refugees will impose their order and Europe will be in blood. That’s why there is no other solution.

I was talking about this years ago. We don’t want cruelty, but you see what’s going on. Bombings will be in all European cities.
And hundreds of thousands will die. There is no other way.
Only the Russian army and the Russian Spetznaz. We will bring order to Europe. And they will be thankful.

Host: Vladimir Volfovich, a short question, I’m actually a little afraid to ask it, because of what you already said.
Today Trump was really hard with his statements in Twitter on how they have to fight against islamic fundamentalism, with radicals.
He proposed to pay attention to the methods of general Pershing. Yes.
They are not confirmed. We were seeking historical proof all day long, but in any case they legend about Pershing says that during the Philippines fight for independence from the USA, Pershing was killing Islamic Filipinos with bullets dipped in pig’s blood.
And Trump, the US president, proposes to fight terrorists and radical islamists in such way. Can you comment on it?

We have our methods. Our Spetznaz can do things quite and calm.
As we did in Afghanistan and Crimea.
We have the most experience. But the Europeans are afraid and ashamed to ask us for help.
That’s why they will have more terror attacks. But at some point they will be begging us.
And we will help. This will be done by specially trained forces.
They know what to do.

Pershing was 50-60 years ago, maybe more.

Host: 100

Today we have other methods.
Today you can force them to leave any country.
If they take certain measures with certain propaganda.

In general, they are afraid, they know nothing and can’t do anything.
If they see a force against them. Another army, another police, another spetsnaz, they will run south, get on the ships and go back to Africa and the Middle East.

And Turkey must help. Close all borders so that no one comes to Europe by land.
They all come via Turkey or north Africa.
Close the Mediterranean sea and the Turkish route. And anyone not wanted in Europe put on a ship and send back to Africa and the Middle East.

All this can be done but the Europeans are not capable of doing it.

They won’t understand you with general propaganda and general talks.
You have to speak with them in their own languages. Arabian, Kurdish, Turkish, Albanian, Persian, etc.
Where are we going to find thousands of people to educated them?

They have thousands of mosques. They get influenced in this direction in the mosques.
That’s why it’s already too late on this front.

The Germans took 200k Turks 50 years ago. Now they are 4 million. That’s it.
The Turkish fans are more on the German stadiums supporting Turkish teams. Germans cannot support their own team at their land anymore.
Turks work in all stores and restaurants there.
Germans are already occupied. They can’t do anything. And this happens in all countries.

Spain. Spain got it with their Moroccans.
Franco invited them. And now they’ve come again.
Now they need another Franco to expel them, or they should ask us for help.

The hungry Africa and the Middle East will be moving to Europe.
And only joint actions can stop them.

Or we can solve the issue alone. They should ask us and give us all their budgets, all their money.
We will do everything in a quite and calm manner. And Europe will live normally further.
Otherwise it will die.

There is a total islamisation of Europe. Europe is weak, sick, they don’t reproduce, they have no population growth.
Europe is getting older. And against it comes young Asia, young Africa. They will run over old Europeans.
They will be living in the elderly houses, and all their factories and homes will be used by the new youngs form Africa and Asia.
It is already happening.

Host: Thank you very much. Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky was with us from the State Duma. Leader of LDPR. That’s his point of view.

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